Milliken Floor Coverings Brochure

We were commissioned to re-design the Milliken Floor Coverings brochure, featuring the company’s key global information, services, China activities and notable case studies.

This brochure was meant to appeal to interior designers, to inspire them with unique Milliken floor coverings.The cover needed to be understated, so we designed it with architectural textures as a basis.Then we chose a sturdy imported cardstock that can withstand the blind embossing.In order to give the texture or pattern on the cover a more tactile appeal, we used laser-engraved sculptured embossing dies.The final detail was the Milliken logo which was hot foil stamped on the cover using a tint reflecting the Milliken blue.

Upon opening the brochure, a bright green vellum paper stamped with the company’s slogan is revealed, presenting introductory texts.

We integrated a plethora of images to deliver the visual impact and showcase the breadth and depth of the company’s offerings.

DescriptionDesign of a detailed Milliken Floor Coverings brochure
What we didConcept, Design, Printing, Distribution
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