The Last Line of Defense

In the oil and gas industry, fire- and flame-resistant workwear is a must as part of daily work and is the last line of defense against hazards. Workers' health and safety standards have become an ever-increasing focus in China over the past few years. And with the advent of 2022, the safety standards have been updated to ensure workers' safety, especially in the highly flammable work environment.

A Legacy of Protection

Westex has unmatched expertise in manufacturing FR/AR protective fabrics since 1941. Since then, Westex launched the first-ever guaranteed flame-resistant fabric through continuous innovation and proprietary processes. Combining this legacy with the manufacturing strength and credibility of Milliken & Company as a part of Milliken's textile business, Westex has proven its unwavering commitment to the protection of workers in the field.

What We Do

For yaean, being tasked with content creation for the launch in the China market was a welcome challenge; taking our experience and knowledge in the MRO arena proved to be an advantage.

Our strategy covered creating content for targeted areas of the social media landscape and developing videos to support the messaging across the industry. The task is to generate more engagement with the industry while giving some informative knowledge.

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On top of this content rollout, yaean was also tasked with developing the This website is explicitly targeted to the audience in China, including all the topics covered. This helps generate a closer connection to the market.

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This is just one of the many stories in our portfolio. We invite you to check out our website for how we can help you.

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