Hypoallergenic Series: A Delicate Packaging Design

We’ve been working with baby-care wonder brand Little Tree for years now on their different product releases. Their other range of products, the Hypoallergenic series, were developed using specially formulated ingredients for the sensitive skin of babies.

▲ Little Tree Hypoallergenic Series

Our exciting challenge here was to come up with a packaging design concept that amplifies the brand’s well-known image of being natural, fresh, and only using the best ingredients.

▲ Original Baby-care Series

Leveraging the prior design for their original baby-care line, we envisioned a minimalistic, gentle pastel palette that is soothing to the eyes, living up to its product promise.

▲ Design concepts

Our work did not stop with the packaging design concept. We love to dip our toes into the executional nitty-gritties as it’s always a pleasure to see our concepts come into life.

▲ The final design concept

We flew to Taiwan to get the perfect Pantone color in our minds and created printed mock-ups. We also worked with client to test different thickness of the plastic container to ensure that the colour of the product does not show through.

▲ Color matching between print and plastic chips

As an end result, receptivity towards the whole range upon launch was pretty positive. Little Tree’s Hypoallergenic Series definitely sets itself apart in a sea of competitors and continues to build on Little Tree’s strong brand image as the safest choice for babies.

Hypoallergenic Series

1. Baby Nappy Balm
2. Baby Wash
3. Face Cream
4. Hair & Body Foam
5. Hydrating Cream
6. Liquid Baby Powder
7. Lotion
8. Massage Oil
9. Shampoo

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DescriptionDesign of product packaging for the Little Tree sensitive skincare range
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