Illuminating Paths to Success

The Objective: Henkel Adhesive Technologies aimed to increase employee engagement, awareness and participation in the Talent Council projects, that will empower talents to take ownership of their career path within Henkel.

The Plan: Following our collaboration with Henkel in 2021, yaean was entrusted once again to create an immersive and engaging experience at the Color Your Career Festival 2023. Our objective was to empower Henkel employees by facilitating active participation, encouraging exploration of career opportunities, and cultivating a deep understanding of the company's culture and diverse departments. To accomplish this, we proposed that the event's message should extend beyond the event day, inspiring talents to carry these messages forward. Our proposal centered around three keywords: Inspire, Develop, and Engage.

Here's an step-by-step outline of how we achieved success at the Color Your Career Festival 2023:

Cultivating Curiosity (Pre-event):

To kick off the festival, we developed a series of engaging e-newsletters, unveiling event details, showcasing special guest speakers, revealing the agenda, and highlighting live broadcasts of hot jobs.

Feedback Tree - To encourage employee participation, yaean created a Feedback Tree and prominently placed it in the lobby. This interactive installation invited employees to share their questions, visions, and career aspirations, fostering engagement and empowering employees to contribute their thoughts and ideas.

Nurturing Growth and Engagement (On the day of the event):

▲ Event Preparation - yaean meticulously designed floor plans, posters, stages, booths, and display stands to create an immersive environment that reflected Henkel's brand and values. These visually appealing elements set the stage for a memorable event.

▲ Video Productions - yaean produced various engaging videos, including warm-up, opening, and launching ceremony videos. These videos showcased the growth process of tree saplings, also serving as a metaphor for personal and professional development and inspiring employees to embark on their career journeys.

▲ Customized Event Gifts - yaean designed and customized event gifts, including "seeds and eco-friendly bags," aligning with the festival's theme of growth and sustainability. Employees were given the option to donate the value of their gifts to charitable foundations, supporting environmental initiatives and reinforcing Henkel's commitment to social responsibility.

▲ Exhibition Design – yaean collaborated with Henkel to design captivating exhibitions that showcased the unique styles and offerings of each Strategic Business Unit (SBU) and Function. Additionally, we created custom bracelets for employees in different departments and designed engaging activity stickers. Through these interactive elements, employees gained a clearer understanding of the diverse departments and exciting career opportunities available within the company.

▲ Overall Coordination - yaean handled all logistical aspects, including arrangements for photographers, videographers, hosts, and other personnel. The night before the event, yaean ensured on-site construction and rehearsal, guaranteeing a seamless experience for all attendees.

Inspiring momentum and reflection (Post-event):

yaean crafted a comprehensive event summary in the form of an E-newsletter. This copy summarized the key highlights of the event, allowing Henkel to share the achievements and key takeaways with employees and stakeholders. The E-newsletter served as a valuable resource for post-event reflection and continued engagement.

Through collaborative efforts, yaean and Henkel brought the Color Your Career Festival 2023 to life, illuminating paths to success for employees. By providing an immersive experience and a platform for exploration, the event empowered Henkel's workforce, aligned individual aspirations with the company's vision, and propelled career growth. The festival served as a significant milestone in fostering employee engagement, facilitating internal mobility, and advancing Henkel's culture of continuous learning and development.

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