Innovation Meets Culture & Heritage

At the start of each new year, NDB sends their warm greetings and sincere wishes to all their member states in the form of desk calendar and greeting cards. Packed within this simple stationary gesture is a multitude of cultural values that represent appreciation and respect for their giftee. Our mission is how to make this gift extraordinary each year.

2022 Stepping Up to Respond to the Needs of Member Countries

▲ Desk Calendar —— Sticking to the annual theme, we utilized a lot of  greens to highlight low carbon and environmental protection while featuring new member states and projects. Illustrations showing the landmark buildings of the member states are used for the cover.

▲ Greeting Card —— The overall look and feel has the same NDB style. The die cut shape of a gift in the middle gives the illusion of a fully dimensional look and, when opened, shows the season’s greetings.

▲ Greeting Card —— Happy Year of the Tiger! Here’s a good mix of modern and traditional design elements that is elegant and cool at the same time (check out the sleek pop up tiger inside the card!)

2021 Innovation with Sustainability at its Core

▲ Desk Calendar —— The theme is centered around green development which is the core of NDB (innovation and sustainability).

▲ Greeting Card —— The corporate green color is predominantly used while the landmark buildings are made via bronzing. A cut out arc at the bottom reveals the NDB logo.

▲ Greeting Card —— Bright Chinese red coupled with traditional design elements convey a festive atmosphere.

2020 Technology & Innovation

▲ Desk Calendar —— Flipping through the calendar shows snapshots of the urban life, emphasizing how technology and innovation make life better. 

2019 Developing Solutions for a Sustainable Future

▲ Desk Calendar —— The main front page is hollowed out to showcase the latest environmental-friendly wind energy projects in member states that are apt to the annual theme.

▲ Greeting Card —— The garland is quite interesting if you look closely - it’s composed of festive elements and green environmental protection symbols from various countries.

▲ Greeting Card —— The corporate colors and Chinese zodiac (for the year of the Pig) blend well with each other. Symbols of sustainable development can be spotted across the card which give it a strong messaging yet in a fun and inconspicuous way.

Passion ignites creativity - come and share with us ideas how you would embrace the New Year!

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