RedOrange Food Frozen Fruits And Vegetables Packing

Our first project for RedOrange Food in 2007, was to design freezer−friendly packaging for the European market for both retail and service segments of the market.

Together with the client, we did the whole design process:
1. discovery
2. brand strategy
3. conceptualisation
4. implementation

This process covers activities like workshops, an in-depth study of competitors’ packaging, reviewing European packaging regulations for food products, and etc.

The end-results were

1.Packaging design for the service industry (ie airline, restaurants, hotels, etc.)
2. Packaging design for retail
3. Defined colour palette for future roll-out
4. Photo style

The first set of implemented packaging covers a series of frozen fruits and vegetables for the service industry. These were developed with 8 EU languages in a pack to meet the requirements.

▲ Packaging 2008

Last time we shared how we worked on the visual identity of RedOrangeFood’s frozen fruit treats Smoothie. This time, let’s take a step back and have a look at one of the first projects we collaborated on with our client: RedOrangeFood Frozen Fruits.

▲ Packaging 2018

Healthy, fresh, all natural, good for you - these key product attributes can’t be more obvious from the packaging. Keeping in check the essence of the brand, we just had to keep it clean, straightforward and, nevertheless, eye popping. Each flavor has its individual identity with the corresponding visual elements to it, making sure each remains intuitive for the service industry (restaurants, hotels, juice bars, etc.) and consumers, alike.

Reception towards the packaging design was highly positive and had eventually became a staple look for the product. Nearly a decade later, we did initiate a series of tweaks here and there, but ended back to the good ol’ classic look.

▲ Sketches of ‘new’ packaging designs + Final look

This experience taught us one thing: sometimes we just have to stick with what’s already familiar, and what has already been ingrained in the brand’s DNA.

We’re specially proud of this pioneer design work, and looking forward to seeing it still rocking it out at shelves a decade later!

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