Babycare Products

We designed the branding and packaging for products in the initial bathcare and skincare range. These products are specifically formulated for the sensitive skin of babies, children and their mothers.

Bathcare and Skincare Series
1. Face Creams
2. Baby Powders (liquid and powder formulas)
3. Massage Oil
4. Moisturizing and Hydrating Creams
5. Hair & Body Bath Foam
6. Vitamin Nappy Cream
7. Bodywash
8. Shampoo

Protection Series
1. Soothing Relief Spray
2. Protection Gel
3. Protection Spray
4. Soothing Ointment

Lipcare Series
1.Vitamin E Moisturising
2.Beeswax Moisturising
3.Evening Primrose Moisturising

DescriptionDesign of branding and product packaging for the Little Tree bathcare and skincare product range
What we didConcept, Design, Branding, Strategy, Packaging, Character Design
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