Owner's Book

Designed to be a ‘coffee-table’ book and keepsake especially for homeowners. This book showcases the Master Residences lifestyle, using big visuals and limited bilingual text. A 100 page book which can be enjoyed by residents and their guests.

As like the other Master Residences books, all aspect of design and detail were seen to in order to meet the vision of Digital Tsunami’s Andrew W Morse who conceptualised and directed the project.

From the cover material, the way the cover is presented, the tint of the copper hot foil stamp to be be used, the paperstock, the endpapers, etc., extensive samplings were produced to arrive at a suitably luxurious result.

DescriptionDesign and printing of a 106pp hard-bound ‘coffee-table’ style sales book on Master Residences Yinchuan
What we didDesign, Printing, Distribution
Tags Ningxia MasterPrinting