Beating the Epidemic with Schindler Ultra UV Handrail Sterilization Solution

Every day is unpredictable in this post-epidemic era. We’re always on guard, highly conscious of what we touch and whether we have sanitized enough. The question is, how can we minimize the risk of getting infected while traveling in public spaces?

Schindler Escalator provides passengers with safe travel with their newly introduced Ultra UV Handrail Sterilization Device. It can efficiently clean and sterilize handrails and quickly suppress the rapid spread of virus.

yaean was all on board in helping create a series of promotional materials to support this ingenious product. While preserving Schindler’s usual minimalistic style, we incorporated a touch of our yaean’s creativity to bring more immediate focus on the innovation behind this collection.


We designed the logo used on the handrails with the sterilization device. The logo features an icon where the letters UV is enclosed in a shield, the concept of UV sterilization is emphasized, giving people a piece of mind.


Straight to the point, the label is composed of visual elements that exactly tell what the device is all about. It highlights that the handrail is sterilized in cycles, renewing protection without a miss.


The Ultra UV Handrail Sterilization device uses advanced ultraviolet light sterilization technology that can also monitor efficiency status in real time. For the brochure itself, we designed it as a three-fold type, using large pictures in the centerfold to convey the device’s many benefits.

With this new art story, we aim to not just showcase what we have done but also to remind our readers to always keep safe and be extra cautious. Take care, folks!

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