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Today, we’re excited to share to you the escalator upgrade sales kit (Escalator Modernization) we produced for Schindler. This is a follow up on our project for Schindler’s new escalator product launch.

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In all the past works we collaborated with Schindler, the top priority in our minds was to uphold the esteemed brand identity of the corporation. And from there, we diverged and injected our little creative twists.

It’s the same process we did for the Schindler Sales Kit. We did not want this to be just an ordinary sales kit for their agents (no to boring attaché cases!), we want it to be simple, practical, but with a few tricks up its sleeves.

Our Initial Concepts - 

Option 1: Carry Folder

▲ A portable carrying case. Inside is a wide spread of all the info categories easy to flip through. A side pocket contains a fold-out poster and a cool USB drive card.

Option 2: Carry Folder With Booklets

▲ Who would have thought this is a sales kit? An indiscreet journal-like carry folder that opens to multiple small pockets housing info categories in the style of “swatches”.

Option 3: The Hybrid

▲ The digitalized sales kit. An interactive sales PDF will be installed in the Mi Pad 2. A padded Schindler carry case to protect the Mi Pad 2 and other belongings.

Based on the feedback we got from the initial concepts, we produced a winning version that enables sales agents to gain easy access to comprehensive information yet also easy to bring around.

Chosen Design: File Case

▲ Schindler’s fiery red color was used to make the file case stand out. Inside are multiple bi-fold brochures differentiated by the tabs for easy indexing.

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