Henkel Mass Sampling

How does packaging have an impact on promoting products?

Henkel’s recently launched a campaign to be allow potential consumers and distributors to request samples of key LOCTITE adhesives for either of the two market segments – General Manufacturing and the MRO industries. For Yaean, the task was to design packaging solutions that meets the following criteria:

  1. Increase brand awareness of LOCTITE and expand market share in the manufacturing and maintenance industries
  2. Easy for distribution and packing center to identify or differentiate the two sets of samples
  3. Easy to ship and store
  4. On-pack information is easy to understand
  5. Cost-effective

The finished product consists of

  • A translucent box with frosted matte finish so it is easy to see the content. The textured finish reduces the visibility of scratches from handling and reduces glare.
  • A wrapper that holds all the on-pack information including the information of the contents.

  • A trifold leaflet with details of the LOCTITE products suitable for the 2 markets.

The minimalist packaging emphasizes on the practicality and efficiency of production. High impact at low cost.

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