Little Tree’s Eco-Friendly Nappies

One of our latest projects with Little Tree was one for the books. It was a great process of tapping the inner child in us and just let our imagination flow. It was whimsical, free-style brainstorming coupled with drawing and painting with watercolours!

Expanding into other babycare products, we collaborated with Little Tree to develop their new product line Eco-Friendly Nappies.  In addition to helping in product prototyping, we created special designs for both the packaging and the nappies. We wanted striking and fun look and feel with unique characteristics to translate them into memorable, Little Tree assets in the long run.

Meet our little monsters. Born out of scribbles, we eventually created a whole family and a whole new universe to inspire us further.

▲ Gullible and Sweet Gibby

▲ Nature lover Fleur

▲ Undersea Explorer Fritz

▲ Strong-headed Marty

We fully developed our Little Monsters and featured each in their own nappy design.

▲ Little Monster Series

Another set we created was more abstract, nonetheless still rooted in our Little Monster universe. Using watercolours, we hand painted a number of fun patterns fitting Little Tree’s brand image.

▲ Artist's Pattern Series

Want to see more? Watch this sneak peak and learn more about Little Tree’s amazing nappies.


▲ Launch

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DescriptionBringing the new brand into life
What we didConcept, Design, Branding, Strategy, Packaging, Character Design, Surface Pattern
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