November 11, 2022

Bologna Illustrators Exhibit China Tour

Last week, our creative team went to the newly opened Bologna Illustrators Exhibit 7th China Tour during its Shanghai stop. The current illustrations on exhibit are part of the 2020-2021 Illustrators Exhibition.

The Bologna Illustrators Exhibit is a 2-year worldwide tour where original artwork is hosted at various museums in different cities around the world. The exhibit showcases the latest trends in illustration and talent, spotting new artists held during Bologna Children's Book Fair.

There was a lot of inspiring artwork on display, and luckily we could see the exhibit on its first week of opening. Visiting on a weekday instead of the weekend also allowed us to spend more time admiring and exchanging views about the different styles.

Some of our favourite works were from illustrators like:

▲ Rozenn Brécard (@rozenn__brecard)

▲ Katerina Gorelik (@katerinagorelik)

▲ Anna Desnitskaya (@anyadesnitskaya)

▲ Sarah Dyer (@sarahdyer_illustrator)

▲ Marie-Nöelle Horvath (@marienoellehorvath)

▲ Anna Aparicio Català (@anna.aparicio.catala)

▲ Gosia Herba (@gosiaherba)

▲ Tatiana Borisova

▲ Lera Elunna

Can't wait for the next round of artwork to make its stop in Shanghai next.

The exhibit runs from 8 November 2022 - 10 January 2023 at the DuoYunXuan Art Center, in Shanghai, China.