Bayer InSite Newsletter

The Bayer ‘InSite’ Newsletter (in English and Chinese languages) is an internal newsletter for Bayer MaterialScience staff at Caohejing. We were involved in the first issue, published in 2006. We helped to design the layout of each issue based on articles provided to us. The lead-times for each issue was always very tight so close collaboration with the editor was always imperative.

In 2012, we were tasked to refresh the design and align it to the new corporate style. We reduced the issue size (to A5), making it portable and enabling staff to read it during the shuttle bus ride to and from the site.

Part of the task of rolling out each issue was the management of the printing. This meant checking printing proofs and checking the finished products before they were delivered to Bayer.

DescriptionDesign and printing of the (English & Chinese) ‘InSite’ internal newsletter for Bayer MaterialScience
What we didConcept, Design
Tags Bayer , Concept , Editorial Design , Newsletter