No Such Limits with Henkel’s Annual Conferences

One of busier projects we did this year so far was for Henkel’s annual conferences (specifically for their Manufacturing and Maintenance Division; and Electronics Division).

We started from the ground making sure that we were able to encapsulate Henkel’s mission and vision in the main logo and slogan of the year’s event. After that was settled, we moved on to the executional points used on-site.

Since there were two events planned with their agendas, we had to tailormade different creative strategies for both divisions ACM (Manufacturing and Maintenance Division) and AEE (Electronics Division).

Logo and Slogan

Henkel’s new strategy was focused on the concept of “Accelerated Transformation” by being the customers’ champion while increasing their readiness and scalability for the digital future.

To specifically suit ACM’s event, we designed an infinite symbol of going upwards to serve as the conference’s logo and came up with the slogan “Challenge the Limits”, both signifying Henkel’s trailblazing status in the industry.

Conference KV

Dinner KV

Our designed key visuals for the events of the conference captured the future prospects of Henkel which is to lead in transformative growth.

Booth Design

Different booths were extensively set up to showcase different product applications and their technical information. QR codes were prominently used, living up to the company’s path towards heavy digitalization.

Mascot Design

Adding some spunk to the AEE conference were our designed mascots! How fun are these?

Other Materials

We also helped create various marketing collateral used across various platforms as well as the on-site materials (invitation cards, welcome cards, WeChat sharing photo, album cover for Cloud, large screen interactive QR code, etc.), all highly inspired by our KV design for thematic consistency.

The preparation for the conferences called for a wide scope of work on our end but we are proud to have helped the company launch the event with a bang. The event was a success, and we can’t wait to witness Henkel’s continuous growth across sectors!

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